Dignity in School Hub

A home for school-based human rights practice

A dignometer, a measuring tool to build a sense and experience of human dignity

Human dignity is at the heart of a rights based practise.

Children’s Parliament is working with our school partners St. Johns RC Primary School (Edinburgh) and Stoneywood Primary School (Aberdeen) to demonstrate how primary schools and early learning can take a children’s rights based approach to education.

The Hub will be home for resources, prompts and inspirational stories that will create a momentum behind our shared commitment to making rights real for our children.

It will be updated regularly, so please keep coming back!

What is Human Dignity?

  • Every human being is important and special. We call this human dignity.
  • Respect for human dignity means that we should be friendly and kind to others and it is wrong to hurt other people or make them feel bad about themselves.
  • No matter how others treat you, they never have the right to take away your human dignity.
  • When you learn what human dignity means to you, you are less likely to accept when other people hurt, discriminate or put someone down.